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CoachYourTalent started with the mission of making a difference to the business world by transforming mindsets. We want to help your company reach success and see your business grow by focusing on your most precious asset: your company talent.

In other words, we want to help your employees reach and express their full potential and live their mission and life purpose within your organization. This is the ultimate key to your success.

“We believe in a world where every company reaches success through the success of each of its people”

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This is important for you as your success depends on your employees' happiness, engagement and talent, which will make or break your business. When they are not engaged nor motivated, they are less creative, less productive, less apt to deliver the value your organization needs, and they can be toxic to company culture. Sooner or later they will probably leave you. And that is going to be expensive for you.

According to different surveys*, more than 70% of people are not satisfied with their jobs. Imagine if you could reduce this percentage — it would be a turning point in your company success! We have good news: this is possible and we are here to help you with the only way that can make a real difference: changing their mindsets.

“The key to increasing people’s engagement, satisfaction and talent is focusing on the roots: their mindset”

We design solutions that go to the root of the problem. It’s time to stop offering benefits that just distract your employees for a while but whose effects won’t last. This might have worked for a while but it won’t make a difference in the long-term. The authentic change in your company will happen when you bring real value to your people and help each of them reach their full potential.

We took the best of human psychology, coaching, neuro-linguistic-programming, and human resources to apply it to develop your company talent. The result: proven tools and methodologies that will make a real difference to your people and your company results!

“Times have changed and we are in an era where talent is a must, and talent comes from every person that is part of your organization”

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We are convinced that a new generation of companies is possible — where people are driven meaningfully, and they can reach their full potential, and develop and live their purpose!

We are dreamers, we have passion and we are convinced that a new kind of company is possible. Let’s make the change happen.

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About Andrea Arcusa, founder of CoachYourTalent!

Andrea is a Psychologist, Certified Executive Coach and Master in NLP. After more than 10 years in the Psychology, Human Resources and Coaching industries, and being a big fan of technologies and digital solutions, she had a vision: Taking the best of each area and offering it to the world through online, effective and practical tools. That is when CoachYourTalent was born!

Andrea’s passion is in helping individuals live a meaningful life, find their purpose and achieve goals. This is the “WHY” behind every action taken in CoachYourTalent. Each product offered has been designed to contribute to your company success while supporting and helping your people reach their full potential!

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Degrees and qualifications

BSc in Psychology

Specialized in Organizations

Associate Certified Coach

International Coach Federation (ICF)

NLP Master and Practitioner

Certified by Richard Bandler

Specialized in Team Coaching

Specialized in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Certified Strategic HR Business Partner

Specialized in Labor-Management

Expert in Employer Branding

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